Tuesday, January 16, 2018

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PROBLEMS THAT MIMIC ADHD. "...ADHD isn’t the only problem that can cause a child to have trouble with concentration, behavior, or school performance. There are actually lots of problems that can cause symptoms that mimic ADHD, which is why it’s really important to do a careful evaluation before giving that diagnosis." This from the Harvard Health Blog. The post lists five common problems that can confound the process of determining whether a child has ADHD. Find out more. (Free sign-up might be required to access this.)

2e SEMINAR. We've mentioned this seminar elsewhere, but an article at the WKU Daily News provides information about the January 24th event at Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green. Julia Link Roberts is quoted. Find the article.

EDUCATION TIP. An article at Edutopia explains that how students "process" and their learning preferences are key to effective classroom Q&A. Noting that the average teacher waits just .9 second after asking a question, the writer suggests that teachers wait five to 15 seconds before calling on students, noting "there is a real need to increase the time granted to students to process what they know and to make sense of what they do not understand." Read more to see if this applies to your learner.

LANDMARK COLLEGE's Institute for Research and Training has published its January newsletter. In it is an article titled "A Call for Collaboration Between Disability Services and Academic Advising." That collaboration surely makes sense, but the article states "Generally, little direct interaction takes place between DS professionals and advisors..." Read more. Separately, the newsletter notes an upcoming webinar for March 2 titled "Supporting Students with Learning Differences in the College Search." Find out more.

SMART KIDS WITH LEARNING DISABILITIES offers a new post titled "Making Friends in College." In the post are four tips for new colleges students, provided by what sounds like a recent college student who was apparently successful at this crucial college task. Find the post.

SENG has opened registration for its 2018 conference in San Diego, scheduled for July 20-22. Find out more.

TiLT PARENTING's newest podcast is with the author of NeuroTribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity. TiLT's Debbie Reber says, "In our conversation, Steve and I talk about neurodifference, acceptance, tolerance, changing cultures, systemic change, and so much more. ...Steve brings an incredible breadth of knowledge, as well as passion for the neurodiversity movement, to the show." Find the podcast.

UNDERSTOOD offers an upcoming chat, "How Motor Skills Affect Learning and Making Friends," scheduled for January 23 at 2pm ET. Find out more.

AND FINALLY, THIS -- not especially 2e-related but possibly relevant to an issue at your house. The Washington Post, in its "On Parenting" section, has an article about what teens wish parents knew about social media. The author shares some secrets (like how teens can use fake accounts to confound parental monitoring)... and also some things kids would like parents to do (such as, "Talk with us about the apps we like to use and why.") Find the article.

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