Friday, January 19, 2018

Landmark College, ADHD, Plus Debbie, Jen, Julie, and More

THE CHRONICLE OF HIGHER EDUCATION interviewed Peter Eden, president of Landmark College, where all students are "neurodiverse." Eden covers the college's approach to instruction, including universal design; how there's been a culture change regarding learning differences over the past decades; and his own career path from molecular biologist to college president. Find the interview.

ON UNIVERSAL DESIGN: Find out more about how UDL can help students who learn differently in a recent article at Education Dive.

ADHD MEDS, YOUNG WOMEN. "The percentage of young adult women who filled prescriptions for drugs used to treat attention deficit disorder has increased more than fivefold since 2003, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported on Thursday." This from The New York Times. Read more.

GIFTED AND TALENTED AND COMPLICATED is a review about a book on child prodigies, but, as the review says, "The best advice for managing a child prodigy may be a wise strategy for parenting any child, including the many, many nonbrilliant ones." The reviewer also writes, "The special challenge for prodigies is that they are exceptional in more ways than one." (Sound familiar?) The reviewer notes the prevalence of ADHD, OCD, or Asperger's among gifted young people. The long book recaps the lives of a variety of young prodigies. Find the review.

HEALTH BARRIERS TO LEARNING include problems with vision or hearing, uncontrlled asthma, and mental health and behavioral problems, among other barriers. A recent study notes that while these problems might be caught in an annual checkup, many children do not receive those. Part of the research showed that only 49 state require a comprehensive health exam before entering school. Find out more, but then consider the benefits to requiring as part of school entrance a comprehensive evaluation for learning strengths and weaknesses.

JEN THE BLOGGER offers her opinion on certain critical skills a 2e teen should have before leaving home. For example: how to say no and how to accept no. Find her blog.

TiLT PARENTING has made the content of a couple recent podcasts available as transcripts, notably Debbie's conversation with the author of Neurotribes and with Dan Siegel on helping kids develop a "yes" brain.

THE DAVIDSON INSTITUTE'S January newsletter is out, and it focuses on upcoming DITD opportunities and the deadlines for taking advantage of those opportunities, such as the Davidson Fellows Scholarship, THINK Summer Institute and Davidson Academy's Online High School. Find the newsletter.

UNDERSTOOD has an upcoming Twitter chat titled "Supporting Kids with Dyslexia." It's scheduled for January 24 at noon Eastern time. Find out more.

SYCAMORE SCHOOL. We recently noted this new 2e-friendly middle/high school in Arlington, Virginia. The school has regular tours for parents and prospective attendees to become acquainted with Sycamore's offerings, and has also scheduled a talk by Julie Skolnick on "understanding Your Twice-Exceptional Child." Find the school's event schedule.

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