Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Lots of Resources and Events

THOSE HERE who do not yet subscribe to 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter have a seven-day window to do so at a reduced, promotional price. We offer this promotion because we know everyone here 😃 made a New Year's resolution to do the best they can for their 2e kiddos -- and the newsletter can help! Find out more.

LET'S GET REAL about gifted kids, writes psychologist Gail Post, "and stop wasting time debating whether giftedness exists or if gifted services are necessary. Let's devote our energy toward ensuring that they receive the educational services, the encouragement, and the understanding they deserve. Just like we would want for any other child." Read more in Post's blog.

TOM ROPELEWSKI is a member of the 2e community and the producer of the documentary "2e: Twice Exceptional." He and his wife are also writers and producers, members of the Hollywood community. If you're in the Bay area, you can hear them interviewed on January 22. Says Tom, "We'll be talking about the current state of Hollywood films, television and documentaries, and how we navigated our own paths through the crazy waters of Hollywood and beyond." Find out more.

2e BOOK. Gifted Homeschoolers Forum is publishing a new work titled Boost: 12 Effective Ways to Lift Up Our Twice-Exceptional Children, by Kelly Hirt. GHF says, "Hirt outlines 12 strategies to design a supportive, safe, and encouraging learning environment for twice-exceptional students. By utilizing Hirt’s strategies, educators will join with parents and students to create an educational experience in which all students can thrive and excel." Find out more.

UNDERSTOOD offers a video that gives an "inside look" as a Child Mind Institute professional evaluates a child for dyslexia. Understood says, "See what kinds of questions kids get asked when being tested for dyslexia. Find out what to do if you’re concerned your child has dyslexia." Go to Understood.

EDUTOPIA offers six ways to support students with dysgraphia as part of a "dysgraphia-friendly classroom." Find the piece.

DEPRESSION manifests differently in black adolescents than other age and racial groups, according to new research written up at Science Daily. The findings will affect how clinicians develop treatment plans. Find the study write-up.

LYING. Got a 2e kiddo who has a fluid relationship with the truth? You might be interested in what the Child Mind Institute has to say about the causes of lying and what parents can do about it; find out more. And a New York Times article takes the stance that "Lying is not only normal; it's also a sign of intelligence." Read it and figure out for yourself whether you should be worried.

EVENT: The early-bird deadline for the Diamonds in the Rough conference is January 15. if you're thinking of attending this DC-area conference, find out more.

EVENT: In Oak Park, California, psychotherapist Judy Weiner will be leading a SENG parenting group beginning in late January and running into March. Find out more.

ONLINE EVENT: TECA's newest topic for its online forum is "Tantrums, Meltdowns, and Explosive Behavior." The next online meeting is on January 17. Find out more.

TiLT PARENTING'S newest podcast is with Dr. Dan Siegel, author most recently of The Yes Brain: How to Cultivate Courage, Curiosity, and Resilience in Your Child. TiLT's Debbie Reber says of the podcast, "we focused on exploring the important concept of brain integration, mindset, and the YES brain as they relate to differently wired kids. I hope you enjoy our conversation!" Find it.

WRIGHTSLAW FANS may find the organization's 2017 progress report at the Wrightslaw site. If you're not familiar with Wrightslaw, you're missing a great resource when it comes to special ed and advocacy. The site also has a 2e section. 

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