Monday, February 26, 2018

ADHD Treatment "Myth Busting"; Depression Treatment; and Resources for Educators, Parents

MAVERICK? PSEUDOSCIENTIST? Psychologist Devon MacEachron, in Part 2 of her "Myth Busters: Alternative Therapies for 2e Learners," takes on the Amen Clinics. Dr. Daniel Amen has a chain of clinics and purports to treat ADHD, addiction, anxiety, depression, etc, etc. Using her own family's experience with one of the clinics as well as her PhD background, MacEachron lays out three reasons why she wouldn't recommend the treatment... and backs that up with opinions from two prominent experts in the field of mental health. Find Myth Busters.

AND SPEAKING OF ADHD, Smart Kinds with Learning Disabilities has a new post centering on the question, "Is Your Child (with ADHD) Ready for Babysitting." Find it.

DEPRESSION. NewsWise has posted an article on the evidence (and cautions) concerning the use of ketamine as a fast-acting treatment for depression, especially in patients who seem "treatment-resistant." Also discussed: other drugs in the "glutamatergic" category. Find the article. Separately, The Atlantic just published an interview with the author of Blue Dreams, which "explores the history of antidepressants, the science behind them, and the novel treatments that might soon replace them. " The interview focuses on SSRIs and their effectiveness (or lack thereof). It touches on psychedelics for use in the treatment of depression. And it makes an interesting point about the supposed targeted, "site-specific" nature of treatment with SSRIs: "’s almost preposterous to think that you can target just the serotonin system in the brain, because the serotonin system is linked to the dopamine system, which is linked to the norepinephrine system, which is linked to the other neurotransmitter systems." Think about that for a while. Find the interview.

FOR EDUCATORS OF THE GIFTED, the Belin-Blank Center at the University of Iowa has an annual Fellowship Program in Gifted Education. This year the program is from June 24-29. The organizers say, "Participants live on campus for a week, collaborating with others who have a commitment to understanding more about high-ability learners, as well as understanding research-based strategies that facilitate authentic talent development among their district’s most capable students." Find out more.

2e SUMMER CAMP. The Quad Manhattan runs a six-week summer day camp for twice-exceptional children; age grouping range from pre-K/K to 7th grade and up. Find out more.

SENG is offering a weekly online parent support event on the topic of 2e parenting. The group runs from February 27 through April 3. Find out more. This is through SENG Connect, a variety of services available to paid SENG members free of additional charge. Find out more about membership.

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