Monday, February 5, 2018

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CELEBRITY IN THE HEARTLAND. The Bloomington, Illinois Pantagraph reports that Patricia Palacco visited a local elementary school last week. As Bob Seney fans know, Palacco writes children's literature, some of which is especially appropriate for 2e kiddos because she is dyslexic. She told the class, ““If you’re getting special help, you stick out your chest. If he were alive now, Albert Einstein would be in that room with you. “Every single one of you is gifted, but we don’t open our gifts at the same time. Cut yourself some slack.” Find the article, and find Seney's reviews of her books at our website.

PLAYTIME for kids is something to take seriously. At The New York Times, read about research on play and what the experts say. From the article: "As children get older, we need to keep an eye on whether their schools give them time to play, we need to help them go on engaging with the world around them, and we might even be able to make that world a better environment for learning and play." Find the article.

PLAY, EDUCATION, MORE. But over at Education Dive, we get a slightly less varnished view of play from Sir Ken Robinson as part of an address at the 38th Annual Future of Education Technology Conference. "Play is also important in feeding collaboration and creativity, but Robinson noted the conformity, compliance and competition reform approach, interwoven with digital culture, has seen play fall by the wayside to the point that some experts act as if there's been some sort of breakthrough when it's reintroduced and improves performance." His wit was apparent in other topics he addressed, for example noting that the educational testing business has revenue exceeding that of the National Football League and then claiming “And none of it has led to an iota of improvement in schools themselves, or in the motivation of kids or the morale of teachers." Find the article to get a new perspective on education... and play.

PARENTING THE TWICE-EXCEPTIONAL can be difficult, as we all are aware. A guest blogger at ADDitude offers tips for keeping the marriage together during such parenting. The title is, “Raising an Extreme Child Requires an Extreme Marriage.” Find the blog.

GIFTED EQUITY. ABC News reports on one form of gifted inequity, where African-American and Hispanic students may miss out on opportunities for gifted programs because of the expense of private evaluations or the knowledge of the appeals process that might secure a seat at prestigious magnet schools. Read more.

INTERVENTIONS FOR DEPRESSION, ANXIETY. From Medscape: "A single-session intervention (SSI) can produce long-lasting reductions in depression, anxiety, and internalizing problems in high-risk adolescents, new research shows.... Results showed that compared to the control intervention, the mindset intervention significantly improved depression and anxiety. The benefits continued through the 9-month follow-up period." Find the study write-up.

DON'T FORGET about the advocacy resources at the site of 2e Newsletter -- articles, books, and more on parental advocacy and self-advocacy for that 2e kiddo. Find it.

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