Friday, February 9, 2018

Withholding Special Ed Services; "Resolving" ADHD?; Blog Hop; And More

SPECIAL ED SERVICES can be part of the mix for a 2e student. Remember how the state of Texas capped enrollment in special ed at an arbitrary percentage of the student population? Now it seems that the Chicago Public School system did an "overhaul" two years ago that resulted in a loss of services to the special ed population. The situation was exposed by pubic radio station WBEZ in Chicago, and it can serve as instruction in how a school system -- maybe even yours -- can shirk its federally mandated responsibility to provide a free, appropriate public education to students with learning disabilities, and can obfuscate in the process. Find the article. Special ed attorney Matt Cohen, who has written for 2e Newsletter, is quoted in the article and is part of a coalition demanding a state investigation of Chicago's special ed practices.

HOPE? OR HYPE? Bloomberg Businessweek reports on the Brain Balance Achievement Centers that promise to "help children who have recognized conditions such as ADHD and autism spectrum disorder, as well as harder-to-pin-down varieties of academic and social struggles." The founder of the centers is Robert Melillo, a chiropractor, who, according to the reportage, specializes in functional neurology.... "Melillo believes he’s developed a cure for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and autism—although he wouldn’t use the word 'cure.' Where establishment doctors see chronic disability, Melillo sees an imbalance in the brain, a lag in development and connectivity on one side or the other that can be, in his preferred term, 'resolved.'" He charges lots, and parents are evidently paying. Find the article. (One quote from the article about the lack of research underlying Brain Balance's methods: "Just because something’s not proven, doesn’t mean it doesn’t work.")

BLOG HOP! Gifted Homeschoolers Forum hosts blogs hops in which bloggers address a particular topic from their particular perspectives. A current topic is "Why Is High-Achieving Synonymous with Being Gifted?" Sounds like lots of room for discussion there. Find the blogs -- at the hop. ("Well, you can rock it you can roll it / You can stop and you can stroll it at the hop..." 😃)

TiLT PARENTING'S latest podcast is with Michelle Garcia Winner on social thinking. TiLT's founder Debbie says, "In our conversation, we talk about the concept of social thinking—what it is and why it matters for our kids, how it can be taught and learned, how we as parents can nurture social thinking in our kids, and much more." Find the podcast.

UNDERSTOOD offers an article on "How to Decode Teacher Comments for Signs of Learning and Attention Issues." If you read this blog or 2e Newsletter, chances are pretty good you already have a concern with those issues, but the article might provide clarity when you hear comments such as “The stories he tells are great, but I don’t see nearly the same detail and imagination in his writing journal." Find the article. Separately, Understood has an upcoming "Expert Chat" on ADHD and executive functioning issues. Find out more.

FOR GIFTED ADVOCACY MAVENS. NAGC has scheduled its 2018 Leadership and Advocacy Conference for March 18-20 in Washington, DC. Find out more.

ADHD RESEARCH. From Science Daily: "Five novel genetic variants associated with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder have been identified by exploiting genetic overlap between ADHD and educational attainment." Find the study write-up.

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