Monday, March 5, 2018

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FINDING A PLACE. A school in the Minneapolis area, Lionsgate Academy, was the topic of a recent NPR story for its classroom devoted to twice-exceptional students. Its website says, "Lionsgate Academy is a public charter school with a mission to serve all students, including those previously diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome and those on the autism spectrum in their transition years (grades 7 through 12)." The story profiles a young man, Joey, whose giftedness wasn't being served in the public system. Of that kind of neglect, one of Joey's classmates, a possible future engineer or astronomer, says in the article, "We've been degraded all our lives by society in thinking that we're, quote, 'retarded,' but we've proven that even being part of this class we're not, and we're exploring that even further." Find the article.

LEFT BRAIN, RIGHT BRAIN, fact and fiction, is the topic of an article at Medical News Today. Read the article to find out what research says about brain dominance and brain activity during specific tasks.

SCREEN TIME, yet again. From the Washington Post: "Screens aren't completely bad for kids, according to new book." Find it. From Medical News Today: "Too much TV in childhood takes its toll as a teen." Find it. Want even more? Check "The hidden costs of letting your children be raised by screens and smart devices" at CNBC. Then flip a coin to determine your family's screen time strategy.

EDUCATION POLICY AND LAW. The U.S. Department of education is revising the way it investigates civil rights discrimination; these cases include discrimination based on learning disabilities. Some observers fear a weakening of civil rights enforcement. Find out more. Note that this action comes after a rise in disability discrimination complaints in 2017. Separately, the DOE has released its annual report to Congress on the implementation of IDEA. At almost 300 pages, it's formidable, giving details on numbers served in various age branches, how services were provided, and graduation rates of those served. Check the "Key Findings" section starting on page xxi. Find the report.

UNDERSTOOD offers an article on bullying as it relates to children with learning and attention issues. The article covers causes, types, effects, and how to help and prevent. Find the article.

ADDITUDE is offering a free webinar on March 15 titled "Cracking the ADHD Medication Maze," advice on getting, affording, and refilling prescriptions. Find out more.

GIFTED CHALLENGES. Psychologist Gail Post has written two blog articles recently. One, titled "Stop ridiculing gifted kids," is a response to another online article Post read and evidently felt compelled to react to. She asks, "Why is neurotypical learning ability fair game" for labels like "obnoxious." Find the post. In her second post, she tells what gifted children will not learn from academics and how parents can help instill traits/skills like tolerance, humility, endurance, and others. Find the post.

SENG is offering a March 8th webinar on "Evidence-based Stress and Anxiety Management for Gifted Students." A fee applies. Find out more.

GIFTED AND DISTRACTIBLE, a newsletter for the 2e community by Julie Skolnick, is out in its March edition, with Julie's blog, articles, and pointers to events and resources. Find the newsletter.

TiLT PARENTING offers Part 2 of "A 'Masterclass' in Executive Functioning with Seth Perler." Find it.

AET CORRECTION. The dates and place for the annual conference of the Association for Educational Therapists are November 2-4 in Hoffman Estates, Illinois (a northwest suburb of Chicago). Find out more.

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