Saturday, March 24, 2018

2e Treatment Myth-busting, The Gifted Label, Help an Author, and More

MYTH BUSTERS, PART 4. Psychologist Devon MacEachron has been doing a series of blog postings on treatments and services related to twice-exceptional children, Her topic in Part 4 of the series: Brain Balance Centers franchise system that claims to treat a vast array of conditions, including ASD, ADHD, and dyslexia. Read her take.

THE GIFTED LABEL, according to psychologist Gail Post, is coming under fire. She gives six reasons in defense of the label, concluding: "Let's stop pretending every child is the same, and instead, focus on understanding and providing educational and social/emotional support tailored to each child's specific needs." Find her post.

DAVIDSON INSTITUTE. This organization's latest e-newsletter is out, covering what's new in gifted ed, summer camp resources, legislative news, and more. Find the newsletter.

TED has released a new playlist of talks on the topic "How can we fix the learning crisis." Some of the talks are older, some are new. Find the playlist.

INPUT, PLEASE. For an upcoming book, author Chris Dendy is asking for input on the transition from high school to adulthood. She says: "The journey from high school graduation to adulthood is often rocky for children who have ADHD. So as a parent of an adult with ADHD, we would like to ask for your assistance by sharing what you learned about supporting your child through the challenging transition years....Take a few minutes now to complete the survey linked below and give others the knowledge we all wish we had received years ago. Please complete the survey by March 26th. We will send you a summary of the results by mid- April, so you can share in the collective wisdom." Here's the link to the survey.

EDUCATION POLICY, LAW. The U.S. Congress passed a funding bill in which education actually received more money rather than the cuts the president had proposed. Hopefully it gets spent in ways that maximally benefit our children. Read more.

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