Monday, March 12, 2018

Myth-Busting, 2e Programs, 2e Movies, Telomeres, and More

MYTH-BUSTING. In Part 3 of a series of blog postings, psychologist Devon MacEachron, who specializes in gifted/2e children, gives her take on essential oils as a treatment for ADHD. She discusses the nature of the oils, the companies distributing them, the evidence that they work (or not), and their safety. If you're using or considering these oils, check out the piece.

2e IN IOWA. Waterloo radio station KWWL covered what it calls the first program in the state for twice-exceptional students, at an elementary school in Waterloo. The program, which sounds like a pull-out program rather than full-time, was made possible by a private donation. Read more.

TiLT PARENTING talks to Tom Ropelewski, the force behind the movies "2e: Twice Exceptional" and "2e2: Teaching the Twice Exceptional." TiLT's Debbie Reber says of her newest podcast, "In our conversation, Tom shares his story and personal why behind making these films, talks about the educational model at Bridges, describes how his films are helping to bring awareness of 2e kids’ into the mainstream, and gives us a sneak peek at his new film coming out later this year." Find the podcast.

RAISING CHILDREN WITH CHALLENGES is a free online summit scheduled for March 20-22 with lots of guests you'll recognize, including Debbie Reber (see above) from whom we first found out about the summit. Here are some of the "qualifying questions" for engaging in the summit: "Does your youngster struggle with impulsivity, focus, or social relationships? Is your child a little quirky or differently-wired? Does anxiety limit your child’s ability to enjoy life? Do you have a youngster with a physical or learning disability? Does she struggle with heightened sensitivity or sensory overload? Is your son or daughter on the Asperger’s/ Autism spectrum?" You get the picture. Find out more.

BREAKTHROUGHS CONFERENCE. Early-bird registration ends on March 13. Find out more about this NYC 2e conference.

SYCAMORE SCHOOL in Arlington, Virginia, a 2e-friendly school, is one of the sponsoring locations for Camp Pursuit, described by the organizers as "a week-long, mixed-age STEAM academic summer camp based on the premise that students must pursue their passions until they become their talents!" Sycamore School's event is listed at the Camp Pursuit website under "Virginia."

GIFTED AND MEDICATED. Psychiatrist Jerald Grobman did an article for Gifted Research and Outreach on medication for gifted individuals. From the article summary: "Short-term use of psychotropic medication can be a useful adjunct to a psychiatric intervention when other methods have failed....Evidence-based recommendations for best practices indicate that these medications achieve the best results when administered in the context of a therapeutic relationship. Often this means medications need only be used on a short-term basis. The clinician who understands the elements of a gifted endowment and a gifted personality can avoid the pitfall of misdiagnosis and not mistake a gifted individual in crisis with a gifted individual who may have developed a genuine psychiatric syndrome or pathological personality disorder." Find the article. Go, GRO!

MENTAL HEALTH SUPPORT FOR CHILDREN often comes through school, according to an piece at the Washington Post. Education writer Valerie Strauss gives space to a parenting educator and author and says, "This post is a primer for parents about how they could approach finding help for a child with a mental illness." Read it.

UNDERSTOOD has an upcoming expert chat on March 15 titled "Boosting Your Child's Executive Skills." Understood promises you can "learn about the key skills involved in executive function and how you can boost your child’s executive functioning skills." Find out more

MORE ON ENDREW F. Advocate Rich Weinfeld and special ed attorney Michael Eig discuss "the implementation of Endrew F. and how it redefines a student’s right to an appropriate education." Find the discussion.

INCLUDED TODAY, items we wouldn't have dreamed of when we started publishing 2e Newsletter over 14 years ago: a myth-busting article by a psychologist specializing in 2e kiddos; movies about the twice-exceptional and the teachers who educate them; a conference devoted to educating the twice-exceptional; an actual 2e-friendly school; and an online summit with big names discussing the challenges exhibited by twice-exceptional children. It's been a long time and a long road.

AND FINALLY, THIS, from Science Daily: "Researchers found that women who have given birth have shorter telomeres than those who haven't. Telomeres are the end caps of DNA on our chromosomes, which help in DNA replication and get shorter over time. The length of telomeres has been associated with morbidity and mortality previously, but this is the first study to examine links with having children." Now consider what having a twice-exceptional child (or two or three) might do to your telomeres. Find the study write-up.

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