Thursday, March 22, 2018

Sir Ken Robinson, Multiple "e's," Resources, Science & Research

SIR KEN ROBINSON, advocate for educational change, has a new book out directed at parents: You, Your Child, and School, which he describes as "an attempt to engage parents more positively in the conversation" about their children's education. It's about collaboration between school and home, about improving the school experience, and about what parents and teachers can achieve. From an interview concerning the book: "If you’re a parent, you are part of the system. When your child comes home, how you respond to them, what pressure you put them under, how you relax the pressure, the way you relate to the school, the priorities you convey to them and the way you respond to their anxieties—all that’s part of the education system," Read more. And if you've never seen his TED talk on schools, check it out. It's evidently the most-watched TED talk ever.

MULTIPLE "E's" and what you need to know as a parent is an article at Understood, and it says that multiple issues are common; that you've got to treat each issue separately; and that you need to understand which issue causes which challenges. Find the article.

CHILD MIND INSTITUTE. This organization offers an article about seven myths about child mental health. One of them: psychiatric disorders result from bad parenting. Find the myths. Also at this site: an article about proactively dealing with anxiety over school shootings. Find it.

SOCIAL MEDIA. From the Washington Post: "Five ways social media can be good for teens." (Example: genuine support through online acceptance.) Find the article. And then there's an article at Science Daily titled "Social media use at age 10 could reduce well-being of adolescent girls; find it.

TBI, ADHD. From Reuters: "Young children who are hospitalized with head injuries may be at higher than average risk for developing attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) later on, a small study suggests." Read more.

"BREAKTHROUGHS" SPEAKERS. Organizers of the Breakthroughs conference on 2e education have released the names of speakers at this May's conference in Manhattan. The keynote speakers are Joe Renzulli, Sally Reis, Jonathan Mooney, and Nancy Tarshis. Find out more.

LANDMARK COLLEGE SUMMER INSTITUTE. Educators can save $100 by registering for this event by March 31. Find out more about the institute.

EDUCATORS' RESOURCE. A award-winning teacher with 12 years of experience starting thinking about "an online space where the best PD resources were compiled on one platform where multiple teachers could come to collaborate, share and learn." With some encouragement from the Gates Foundation, she has launched the site, Curio. Read more.

TMS. The Brain and Behavior Research Foundation is sponsoring a free webinar on April 10 on the topic of using transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) for depression and other diseases. Find out more.

  • Behavior management, from Science Daily. "Most parenting programs aim to teach parents how to reduce their children's disruptive behavior. New research looked at more than 150 studies of these programs, finding differences in what works best according to whether or not children already showed behavior problems." Find the study write-up
  • Autism and the amygdala, from Science Daily: "Researchers have found that typically-developing children gain more neurons in a region of the brain that governs social and emotional behavior, the amygdala, as they become adults. This phenomenon does not happen in people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Instead, children with ASD have too many neurons early on and then appear to lose those neurons as they become adults." Find the study write-up
  • From NewsWise: "Researchers publish findings on study involving sleep adolescent stress." Find the study write-up
  • Also from NewsWise:"A University of Arkansas at Little Rock professor has co-authored a book analyzing how online communities and social media can provide stress relief for families and individuals with an autism spectrum disorder." Find the press release.

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