Monday, May 14, 2018

2e and Baseball, Performance Anxiety, Brain Size, Tech, More

2e, BASEBALL. Imagine you're a bright teen who is also non-verbal and suffers from anxiety. You find that being part of the high school baseball team is something you like a lot, that it gives you confidence, that you feel accepted. Now imagine that near the end of the baseball season, someone judges that you were ineligible to play because of academic reasons that aren't clear. As a result, your team is forced to forfeit all of the games it won during the season, and is denied a chance to participate in the state playoffs. How do you feel? It happened to a young man in North Carolina. Read more.

EDUCATION DIVE did a quick wrap of recent 2e-related news, some of which you've already read here. They cover Scott Barry Kaufman's NPR interview; Understood's coverage of 2e; how some schools support 2e students; and the plight of minority 2e students. Go to Education Dive.

TED TALK. On the weekly TED playlist we get was one titled "Why you should make useless things." A young woman inventor describes the toothbrush helmet she made, and the vegetable chopper and others -- none of which turned out to be useful. But usefulness wasn't the point. In the talk she says,"The true beauty of making useless things [is] this acknowledgment that you don't always know what the best answer is." For her, it was also an opportunity to deals with issues of performance anxiety, even though she achieved straight A's in middle and high school. Find the talk.

DANA FOUNDATION. For brain mavens, the Dana Foundation offers an article called "The Skinny on Brains: Size Matters." The blurb says, "This month’s article examines the evolution of the neocortex, a part of the cerebral cortex concerned with sight and hearing in mammals, regarded as the most developed part of the cortex." Find the article.

UNDERSTOOD offers "Tech Finder," information about apps and games for the child with learning and attention issues. You can search by issue (eg, reading), grade, and technology type. Find Tech Finder.

TECH IN THE CLASSROOM. The writer at Jen Reviews has posted "9 Amazing Benefits of Technology in the Classroom" along with 18 ways to incorporate said technology. Example: improve knowledge retention using blended learning, or games. Find the article.

SENG WEBINAR. On May 17 SENG has scheduled "Natural Approaches for Common Medical and Psychiatric Conditions." The session description says, "Many gifted and talented children and adults exhibit both medical and mental/emotional symptoms. Often these individuals are very sensitive and may not respond well to conventional treatments with numerous side effects..... Many integrative, functional, natural, holistic solutions are available and effective for these sensitive and bright G, T & 2E individuals." Find out more.

2e-FOCUSED PANEL DISCUSSION. The Institute for Educational Advancement is presenting a panel discussion on Tuesday, May 22, in Pasadena on the topic of twice-exceptionalities. All panelists are parents/professionals who have 2e kiddos. Find out more.

AND FINALLY, THIS. An MD-turned-teacher reflects on the disparity in "respect" accorded each profession, the impediments to teacher respect and effectiveness, and some possible solutions. "As a pediatrician, it is hard for me to understand this widespread devaluation of those caring for and educating our nation’s children. Both teachers and doctors work tirelessly to decrease suffering and enhance well-being through essential and complementary methods." Read the perspective and consider the benefits to our kids and our country of a change in attitudes and practices.

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