Monday, May 7, 2018

A Reading Suggestion, Depression Research, A Research Participation Opportunity, and More

NATIONAL TEACHER APPRECIATION DAY is May 8, part of Teacher Appreciation Week. If you know a teacher who has helped that great 2e kiddo you know, please take a moment to express  your appreciation. The PTA has some suggestions; so does the National Education Association. To borrow Nike's expression, just do it! 

READING SUGGESTION. A friend in the 2e community sent a suggestion for an article that engaged her. It was originally published by the National Joint Commission on Learning Disabilities in late 2016, and is titled "Learning Disabilities and Achieving High Quality Education Standards." Our friend calls the article, "both beautifully conceived, but also a comprehensive statement of expectations for high-quality education standards." See what you think.

DEPRESSION RESEARCH. A news item from the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation: "Esketamine Reduced Suicidal Thoughts Within Hours of Treatment in Patients with Severe Depression." The drug is closely related to ketamine. Find the item.

TiLT PARENTING. if you visit this site only for the podcasts, you're missing other resources for parents of "differently wired" kids. For example, Debbie Reber also offers "10 strategies for 2018"; information about her forthcoming "Differently Wired" book; and more. Find the resources.

UNDERSTOOD EVENT. On Thursday, May 10, Understood is offering an expert chat titled "Focus on Strengths-based IEPs." The blurb for the event promises "resources to help you learn advocacy tips and strategies." Find out more.

RESEARCH PARTICIPATION OPPORTUNITY. A doctoral candidate is looking for parents with at least two years of experience homeschooling gifted or 2e children to participate in a study. The purpose of this study is to explain the educational processes used by homeschooling families of gifted and twice-exceptional children. The educational processes include the curriculum, instructional methods, and structure used in homeschooling. The study will be conducted through online chat applications. Please contact the researcher directly for more information: Bridgette Whitlow-Spurlock at (719) 238-3443 or

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