Thursday, May 31, 2018

Child Psychiatrist Availability, Summer Offerings, Research Items, More

NEED A SHRINK to diagnose or treat your twice-exceptional young one? You're likely to have a tough time finding one in most parts of the United States, according to a study by the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry reported by Physician's Briefing. The AACAP has published a color-coded map showing the adequacy of psychiatrist-to-population coverage in all states, with green being "mostly sufficient," yellow being "high shortage," and red being "severe shortage." There are no green states. Most are red. Find the write-up and click on "Workforce Maps" to see the coverage.

SMART KIDS WITH LEARNING DISABILITIES offers tips on preparing for college and paying for it, along with a "College Preparation Checklist." Find the resources.

TiLT PARENTING'S Podcasat 110 is a conversation with 13yo Asher about learning and education. Says TiLT's Debbie Reber, "...we’ve been having lots of conversations about this ourselves lately and we thought it might be interesting to share it for the podcast. So today we talk about how Asher learns, what he thinks schools get wrong when it comes to supporting atypical learners, and what ideas he has for schools becoming more inclusive." Find the podcast.

MANHATTAN SUMMER CAMP. Quad Manhattan provides summer programs for twice-exceptional K-10 children, and says there are still spaces available. The organizers offer to "Build psychosocial/emotional and executive functioning skills in a fun and talent-based 6 week program this summer." Find out more.

LANDMARK PD. Landmark College offers a summer institute for those who educate "students who learn differently." Find out more.

SENG is presenting one of its "mini-conferences" in Columbus, Ohio, on August 11. It's described this way: "A one day conference exploring the social & emotional needs of the gifted. Topics include, but are not limited to: supporting twice-exceptional students, empathy, mental health, gifted literary characters, using creativity as a window, facilitating dialogues, gratitude & growth, and what to do when a gifted student struggles in mastery learning." Find out more.

ADHD RATING SCALES. If ADHD is a concern at your house, you might be interested in an article at Medical News Today explaining the different scales and what they measure. Find the article.

  • AUTISM. A major study examining the fish-eating habits of pregnant women has found that they are not linked to autism or autistic traits in their children. Scientists looked at the assumption that mercury exposure during pregnancy is a major cause of autism using evidence from nearly 4,500 women who took part in the Children of the '90s study. Find the study write-up
  • ADHD. Increases in the rate of diagnosis of ADHD (and consequent medication prescriptions) has led to more mis-use of the meds and more calls to poison control centers. Read more
  • ADHD. Can the use of the drug DES by grandmothers increase the odds of ADHD in grandchildren two generations later? Yes, according to new research
  • ADHD. Can in-utero exposure to phthalates increase the risk of ADHD in children? Evidently. Read more
  • IQ. Does breastfeeding make a kid smarter? Probably not, according to new research. Read more
  • IQ. Does a dad's exercise provide brain benefits to his offspring? Looks like it might. Read more

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