Friday, June 15, 2018

OEs, 2e in College, Resources, Events

THE CONCEPT OF OVEREXCITABILITIES is part of the gifted/2e culture -- a ubiquitous topic at conferences, in articles, and in conversations in the gifted/2e community. There's just one problem: The research supporting the concept may not be that strong.
  • Psychologist Devon MacEachron, in her most recent blog posting, examines the research and offers her perspective. MacEachron specializes in psychoeducational assessment and educational planning for children who are twice-exceptional. Read her blog
  • The author of the Homeschooling 2e blog reacted to MacEachron's article this way: "I KNOW overexcitabilities are real. I live with them." Find Homeschooling 2e
  • And if you're a believer in OEs, know that the 13th International Dabrowski Congress is scheduled for July 12-14 in the Chicago suburb of Naperville. Find out more

COACHING GIFTED COLLEGE STUDENTS is the topic of an article in Psychology Today by psychologist Dan Peters of California's Summit Center. In the article, he and colleague Paula Wilkes explore the issues that might affect gifted college students, how coaching can help, and the mechanics of the process. Find the article.

SUPPORTING COLLEGE STUDENTS WITH ADHD is the topic of a recent article in the Research and Training Blog at Landmark College. The article covers pharmacological support, educational support, psychosocial support, and behavioral support. Landmark is a college that recruits students who learn differently. Find the article.

TiLT PARENTING. If you're interested in finding out more about Debbie Reber's new book Differently Wired, check out a podcast at TiLT in which she discusses the book with a colleague. Find the podcast.

MORE ON GROWTH MINDSET. Education Dive takes a look at recent research on the effectiveness of this concept/practice. Read more.

UNDERSTOOD is offering an "experts chat" on the topic "How to Use and Incorporate Strengths in Your Child's IEP." The chat is scheduled for June 18. Find out more.

EARLY BIRDS: The Learning Disabilities Association of America (LDA) has opened registration for next February's conference in Fort Worth, Texas. The organization says, "Join over 1,000 educators, researchers, practitioners, parents, adults with learning disabilities and others who have an interest in the field." Register early.

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