Thursday, July 5, 2018

Dyslexia, The Right to Education, SENG Conference, More

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SUCCESS STORY. Perhaps you've heard of the RXBAR, protein bar developed by young entrepreneurs in the Chicago area and sold to Kellog's for lots of money. One of the entrepreneurs is profiled in Forbes, which brings out the fact that the young man is dyslexic; the author of the article writes that the young man was "long accustomed to everything being more difficult." Find the article. There's a wrinkle here. The young man, Peter Rahal, grew up across the street from our family in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. (His uncle was an Indy race car driver.) We say, good for him!

DYSLEXIC ADVANTAGE has an article by a clinical psychologist on how parents and teachers can help with the social and emotional side of dyslexia. Find it.

A SETBACK? A Michigan judge, ruling against a lawsuit brought by students in Detroit schools over their education, apparently thinks that a decent education is not a constitutional right. According to an article in The New York Times, the judge said that “access to literacy” — which he also referred to as a “minimally adequate education” — was not a fundamental right. Find the article.

UNDERSTOOD offers a blog posting on how to respond when people ask whether ADHD is real; find it. Understood is also hosting on July 9 an expert chat titled "Early Signs of Reading Issues -- and What to Do." Find out more.

TiLT PARENTING'S latest podcast is on "surviving and thriving over the summer break." Find it.

2e2. The video "2e2: Teaching the Twice Exceptional" is now available on DVD. Find the official preview as well as information about ordering at the producer's website.

THE ANNUAL SENG CONFERENCE is later this month. If you'd like perspective on what attending the conference is like, check out a somewhat dated but probably still relevant article by this year's conference co-chair, Jane Hesslein. While her tips and suggestions were geared to the 2011 Seattle conference, keep in mind that San Diego, the site of this year's conference, makes transposing some of her tips (such as "get out on the water") easy. Find the perspective.

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