Monday, July 9, 2018

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COMING SOON: National Parenting Gifted children Week, the third week in July, co-sponsored by SENG and NAGC. It’s official – at least, you can find it at the “National Day Calendar” – but we’re not seeing much about it this year. How come?

SENG is offering a webinar with psychologist Devon MacEachron on July 12. The topic: “Plato Parenting,” based on “uncovering and nourishing your child’s passions.” A fee applies. Find out more.

  • The Washington Post covers tech tools that can assist in mental health, “from apps to avatars” they say. The article acknowledges the “wild west” nature of the field but points to several apps that, for example, help connect those in need to those who might help at any particular moment. Find the article.
  • Two states have enacted laws requiring schools to provide mental health education as part of the curriculum. Find out more about how New York and Virginia hope to help students become aware of and deal with mental health issues.
SOMETHING WE’D NOT THOUGHT OF – that’s the topic of a book on how the design of the world around them can influence and shape children. The New York Times asks the author of the book The Design of Childhood questions about her book. It’s a brief intro to the topic and book. The author says, “For anyone interested in child development, design or architecture, my book uncovers the thinking behind toys and children’s spaces and shows how parents, teachers and planners can foster kids’ independence and creativity.” Find the piece.

ADDITUDE’S most popular article last week was evidently one titled “Face It – People with ADHD Are Wired Differently.” From the article: “The most current research on brain imaging is starting to let us trace the wiring, so we can untangle the misconceptions that experts, as well as those with ADHD, have about the disorder and the brain. Our new understanding of the brain promises to change the way we treat ADHD.” Find the article.

  • Depression. A psychedelic concoction made from Amazonian plants is being tested as a potential help for treatment-resistant depression. Find a study write-up
  • IQ. Scientists have developed a way to predict a person’s intelligence based on resting-state fMRI scans. Find the study write-up
  • Anxiety. Most young people (78 percent) treated for anxiety disorders do not remain anxiety-free. Find the study write-up

  • We wrote last week about a Michigan judge who dismissed a suit brought by students against Detroit schools claiming that conditions and outcomes in their schools violated their right to access to literacy. According to Chalkbeat, the decision will be appealed. 
  • You’ve heard about recent instances of people getting into trouble for selling bottled water while black (as a kid) and campaigning for public office while black (as an incumbent). USA Today reports the story of a young man whose situation we interpret as “being smart while black.” Despite that fact that he was the valedictorian of his graduating high school class at a public charter school in Rochester, New York, he was denied a chance to give a valedictory speech – possibly because of past run-ins with the school principal. The town’s mayor invited him to present his talk. Read more.

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